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Competition Rules

Application Details

  1. All competitions must be entered online. Payment is done securely by card or PayPal.
  2. The closing date for entries is midnight Sunday 4th February 2024.
  3. The competitor’s age is reckoned at midnight on 1st January 2024. 
  4. Competitors are allowed to participate in multiple age categories. No overlap of repertoire is permitted.
  5. The winner of a competition cannot participate in the same competition again.
  6. Entry fees will not be refunded unless a competition is canceled.

Competition Rules

  1. Use of any audio or visual recording is strictly prohibited and may lead to disqualification.
  2. The adjudicator is not obliged to give all the prizes. Their decision is final.
  3. Competitors and members of the audience may not approach the adjudicator before, during, or after a class to discuss decisions or results.
  4. Time limits are strict, and the adjudicator is allowed to stop the performance if the explicit length is exceeded.
  5. Copies of the original music to be performed should be provided for the adjudicator. Photocopies may be used when the original music is also present.
  6. Performers must present themselves when called upon. Those who arrive late and miss their competition will not be offered another place.


  1. Trophies must be returned by March of the following year.
  2. The winner must take care of engraving their name and year on the trophy before its return.


  • A minimum of 90 marks is required for 1st place.
  • A minimum of 85 marks is required for 2nd place.
  • Commendations (VHC, HC, C) will also be awarded, at the Adjudicator’s discretion.
  • If a tie occurs for 1st place, the two competitors may be asked to perform again.